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AGM Paperwork
AGM Paperwork

Notice is hereby given that the 30th Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018, commencing at 10 am at Hotel Jardim do Vau, Portimão. Registration 9.30 am

Hiermit wird bekannt gegeben, dass die 30. jährliche Mitgliederversammlung des Vereins am Samstag, den 24. März 2018, um 10.00 Uhr im Hotel Jardim do Vau, Portimão, stattfindet.

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Practice Portuguese

afpop admin - 24-10-2017

We are delighted to introduce a new initiative, in collaboration with our friends at Practice Portuguese

-- Désolé, traduction française suit --

In this first collaboration we look at the issue of obtaining a residence permit – and the variation in dialects across the country.

In the next instalment we will take a more serious look at the language requirements for foreigners who wish to apply for Portuguese citizenship, but for now we hope that you will enjoy this more light hearted look at the problems, and the joys, of learning Portuguese.

Our thanks to Rui and Joel and their excellent team for their work in producing this podcast – and we hope that Members will take the opportunity to look at the Practice Portuguese website and learn more about the work that the team is doing.

Mas agora-aprecie o primeiro podcast, e diga a seus amigos … O Filíiiiipe J

Practice Portuguese


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