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Portugal Charity Chat Networking Dinner.

2019-09-16 10:33:13

Tuesday, 24th September, 2019

VENUE - Paladarte, Guia 6pm Arrival  6.30

Starting with introductions 7.30

Start serving Tapas Start with nibbles on the table. Tapas served 7.30.

There will be lots and lots of courses served. You won't feel hungry. There are 25 places only, first come first served. I will confirm your booking as received when you are on the list. We have a main speaker but please inform me if you want to talk for 2 minutes at the event so I can add you to the agenda. The third charity networking evening. Hopefully you are familiar with the ethos of Portugal Charity Chat Room. This event is an opportunity for a cross section of charity minded people to get together and discuss how we can help each other. The Facebook group is a place where we can share knowledge, share resources, contact people outside our immediate circle but it can be so much more. This is where these events comes into their own, everyone has a chance to say what direction they would like to see the group the go in and how it can help.

With many thanks and very best wishes

Vicki Good   

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