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2019-09-04 11:04:38

Geopark, which was recognised by UNESCO in 2009, its’ highlights are the Chestnut brown granite  the Canelas Giant Trilobites and the Vale do Paiva Ichnofossils. The park includes 41 geosites. It is an outdoor geological museum, covering an area of 328km2, is surrounded by Mountains and crossed by several rivers offering excellent conditions for various activities, such as canyoning, canoeing, kayaking and mountaineering Along with being one of the beest locations in Portugal for rafting and kayak-rafting in the River Paiva rapids.

The Geopark has defined a Network of 14 Footpaths, 13 of which are short distance walks (PR) and one is a long distance walk (GR), all of them properly waymarked. Fourteen geosites are located along ten of these trails where you can see the park at its best.

In the park there is a collection of giant trilobite fossils. These marine animals, some 465 million years old, are internationally protected since they are the largest specimens of trilobites in the world. This area also abounds in old tungsten mines, , you can see the clandestine mine pitheads and  Regoufe village where the Poça da Cadela Mining Complexis located.


Rua Alfredo Vaz Pinto, 4540-118 Arouca

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