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Noudar Nature Park

2019-09-04 11:24:49

Located in Barrancos, next to the border with Spain, Noudar Nature Park maintains a preserved environment in which agricultural and forestry activities are conserved in profound respect for the natural ecosystems. 

With a landscape dominated by holm-oak plantations, the Park is bounded to the north by the River Ardila and to the south by the Ribeira da Múrtega stream. In the centre of this territory, the Castle of Noudar stands out as a majestic defensive bastion overlooking the plains - providing one of the finest belvederes of the region. The great wealth of vegetation, makes this space the ideal habitat for deer and wild boars and attracts various species of birds such as the black vulture, black-stork, crane, the rufous bush robin, the black wheatear and garden warbler.

The Interpretation Centre is the best place to start your visit to the Park. Located in Monte da Coitadinha it offers excellent conditions in order to receive visitors, including a restaurant and a library. The centre also provides information concerning existing trails that may be followed autonomously or with the support of digital guides or multimedia PDAs applications, with geo-referenced content. It’s possible to walk along trails or use environmentally-friendly all-terrain vehicles provided by the Park, such as bicycles or "Noucars" (solar powered electrical vehicles). Visitors may also be accompanied by local guides or, if they make a prior booking, by specialists in areas such as ornithology, geology, botany, history or ethnography, in conformity with the visitors’ interests.


Apartado 5 - 7230-909 Barrancos 

Tel: +351 285 950 000

Fax: +351 285 950 001 



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