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This section is intended to assist afpop Members in understanding how individual Câmaras work, what functions they perform and how to contact them. It is also a vehicle for the municipalities to use to promote their services and useful information. It is therefore by necessity a fluid section which will change and be updated as time goes on and will on part be dependent on the Câmaras providing us with up to date information. 

Those Câmaras which are marked with Diga the Dog are ones with which afpop has a direct communication link established, which helps us to assist our Members in obtaining information from them about their specific enquiries. This does NOT mean that we are able to undertake enquiries on behalf of Members or that there is a short cut to applying for licences or other facilities offered by those councils.

This introduction page includes information about what the main Câmara departments are responsible for, although some of these services may differ slightly between areas depending on the resources of each Câmara. For information about the Câmara office that covers the area in which you have an interest, please go to that link within the section.

The useful links and telephone numbers below are intended to give an easy reference point for Members to obtain general information from those services and will be updated regularly.  

To have your local Cãmara added to the list please email .

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Prevention of burglary in the home
Prevention of burglary in the home
Earlier this year officers of the GNR visited home owners across the region, and afpop Members may have been visited as part of the operation, to talk about their home security and offer advice on how to avoid being victims of burglary, but also what to do in the event of a burglar entering your home. According to figure reported in the on-line news outlet "Diário online", GNR figures state that in 2018, 32% of thefts from dwellings were as a result of carelessness of the occupant.

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Renewing the Portuguese driving licence
Renewing the Portuguese driving licence
The issue of driving licences and when to exchange them is frequently raised by Members. This article answers the most regular questions that we receive about this, but if Members have questions that are not answered here of course they can contact the office for further assistance.

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