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Câmara Departments in general and what they do:

Departmento de Obras Particulares – Private Building Department
This is the department that deals with rules, regulations and licences for private construction, building work, habitation licence and other matters related to building work in private properties.

Departamento Administrativo e Financeiro (Contabilidade) – Finance and Administration Department
The finance department deals with the general accounts of the town hall, it is there that you place most payments for licences and other documents, it also deals with refunds if required.

Departamento de Educação, Cultura e Desporto – Education, Culture and Sports Department
You can contact this department if you need information on schools, inscription of students, gyms, swimming pools, other facilities and sports available for adults and children. It is also the department to contact about cultural events and municipal theaters, museums  and auditoriums.

Departamento de Ambiente– Environmental department
This department deals with issues concerning the environment, for instance if a neighbors trees or bushes  enter your property, you may want to know if you are allowed to cut them down, or if you generally find areas or situations that are environmentally dangerous, you should inform this department

Serviços de água – Water Board
If you need to register for the municipal water and sewage system, this is the department. This is also where you can pay your water bills, inform if you think you have a leak and any other requests concerning water, sewage or solid waste. In some town halls the water department may be a separate company (ex. Portimão = EMARP)

Departamento de Obras e Gestão de Infra-estruturas Municipais – Municipal building and infra-structures Department
Contact this department if you need information about public constructions or road works in General

Departamento de taxas e licenças-Fees and licences department
If you have a business or work as self-employed you may need to get information, apply for or pay local fees and licences, this is the department to contact

Other municipal services :

Junta de Freguesia – Parish Council

Educação - Education

Pavilhão - Pavilion

Piscina – Swimming pool

Museu - Museum

Biblioteca – Public Library

Arquivo – Town Archive

Estádio - Stadium

Loja do Munícipio – Municipal Help desk

Canil – Municipal Vet

Cemitério – Cemetery

Auditório - Auditorium

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