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Civil Protection

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What is Civil Protection?

Civil Protection is the activity carried-out by the State, Autonomous Regions and Local Authorities, by citizens and by all public and private entities, with the aim of preventing collective risks inherent to serious accidents or disasters, to attenuate its effects and to protect and help people and assets in danger, whenever those situations occur.


To prevent collective risks and the occurrence of serious accidents or resulting disasters; to attenuate collective risks and to limit its effect; to rescue and to assist people and other living beings in danger, to protect cultural and environmental assets and other assets of high public interest and to support the reestablishment of normality in the life of people living in the areas affected by serious accidents or disasters.

What we do:

  • Survey, forecast, evaluation and prevention of collective risks;
  • Permanent analysis of vulnerabilities facing risk situations;
  • Information and training of populations, aiming at raising awareness for self-protection measures and for the necessity of collaborating with the authorities;
  • Emergency planning,  search and rescue, providing aid and assistance, as well as evacuation, lodging and population supplies;
  • Inventory of resources, availability of means and the most suitable way to mobilise them, at the local, regional and national levels;
  • Study and dissemination of adequate forms of protection of buildings in general, monuments and other cultural assets, infrastructures, archival patrimony,  essential services facilities, as well as environmental and natural resources;
  • Forecast and planning of actions concerning the eventual isolation of areas affected by risks.




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News from afpop - Monday November 23rd Update
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