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Dear Members,
Still hoping that all are safe and thanking again the office staff for updates on the situation here in Portugal.  The Algarve has been brilliant so am hoping that it may continue and that a second wave does not hit us hard.  That will be the difficult thing as we are all so longing to be with people again that I am sure we will be all meeting up which is where the danger will come from. 
Anyway, this is just a reminder that anyone wanting to take advantage of the Fiuza wine offer, you have till the end of this week to get your order and money to me.  There will be a controlled collection from my house in Montinhos da Luz with minimal contact so hopefully there will not be a problem with that.
If you need a copy of what wines are on offer, let me know and I will send you the price list again.
I have a new mobile phone.  I did not get on with the Android one and it did not work in my house so have gone back to a ‘Seniors’ phone – not that I am getting on with that one any better!  However, I can send and receive calls and text indoors on this one so if you have my old mobile number, perhaps you would like to change it for the new one which is 938-358-699 and of course my house phone is right beside my computer so I rarely miss anything on that and I receive voicemail on it too.  The number there is 282-697-548.  And I can always be contacted on either of my 2 e-mail addresses: or So, there are  plenty of ways to contact me – and no events for you to book for anyway!  Hopefully, that will change in the coming months.
That is all for now.
Pat Allen
Lagos Area Event Organiser.

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