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Used cars - did you know?

UPDATE Article Ed. 2 2020 - 06-05-2020

Used cars - did you know?

New or second-hand cars are, by law, entitled to a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. However, if you purchase a car in a private sale of course the seller in not obliged to give any guarantee. In that case it is highly advisable to ask a mechanic you trust to make the check as exhaustive as possible. Even if they charge you a few euros, a check-up can get rid of some future problems.

The guarantee obligation only applies to traders, but even in these cases there are some peculiarities. Second-hand cars do not have to be given two years if the buyer and seller agree on another deadline. As a rule, used stands will offer only one year, the minimum period allowed, and should offer a discount on the sale price.
Important: Even with a discount, guarantees of less than one year are unacceptable. If you are given a shorter period, for example, six months, the agreement is not valid and a one-year warranty will apply. If nothing is mentioned during the deal, the two year guarantee will apply, so make sure you know what is being offered and read the agreement carefully.
If you discover a defect and assuming that the warranty period is still in force, you have 60 days to notify the seller. The seller then has up to 30 days to repair or replace it. If they refuse or delay you can seek restitution through the courts.
The replaced item has a new warranty period of 2 years, as well as any parts that are placed after the repair. The warranty period is suspended during the period in which the car is being repaired. It is therefore advisable to keep all documents, dated, relating to the delivery of the vehicle or parts repaired.
You do not need a specific document to activate the guarantee. Just present proof of purchase, such as the payment receipt or purchase and sale contract. If it is not possible to repair the car, you can choose to replace it with another with similar characteristics or terminate the contract, recovering the amount paid.
You can also claim compensation from the company that sold you the car for the damage caused and other expenses that you incur, for example towing and traveling - must also be paid by the seller.

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