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Renewing the Portuguese driving licence

afpop Admin - 21-06-2019

Renewing the Portuguese driving licence

The issue of driving licences and when to exchange them is frequently raised by Members. This article answers the most regular questions that we receive about this, but if Members have questions that are not answered here of course they can contact the office for further assistance.

Driving licences may be renewed up to six months before the expiry date. You should be aware that if you are driving with an expired licence, wherever it was issued, you may receive a fine and if the expiry date passes 2 years, you will even need to pass a driving exam in Portugal. (After 5 years the licence will be completely cancelled and you will need to undertake a complete driving licence process, including theory and a minimum number of lessons).

The renewal of the driving licence also requires a payment of a fee ranging from 15 € (for people above 70 years) to € 30, at a desk of the Institute of Mobility and Transportation (IMT - Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P).

As we have informed Members in previous editions of UPDATE, the deadlines for the renewal of driving licences were changed in 2017, with the renewal being made only every 15 years up to the age of 60 and without the need for a medical certificate. From the age of 60 onwards, a medical certificate will be required and will have to be revalidated at age 65, at 70, and every two years thereafter (for categories AM, A1, A2, A, B1, B and BE, motorcycles and agricultural tractors - Group I drivers). Please note that when exchanging a non-Portuguese driving licence for a Portuguese one, a medical certificate is always required regardless of age.

For the renewal you will need to bring following:

- Your old driving licence

- Your Residence Card or Certificate

- Your passport or Identification Card

- Your Portuguese fiscal number

- Electronic medical certificate (at 60 years of age and thereafter) done by a private doctor or your family doctor at the local health centre. Make sure you mention, when booking the consultation, that the medical certificate is for a driving licence renewal. The medical certificates are sent automatically online by the doctor to IMT. For this certificate you need to present your Cartão Utente (Portuguese state health card/number).

IMT will provide a receipt authorising you to drive in Portugal, while waiting for your new licence.

For more information you can download our Information Bulletin nr. P04 directly from our website at or contact the office as always.


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