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IRS Seminar Dates

UPDATE Article Ed. 6 2019 - 27-02-2020

IRS Seminar Dates

In a slight change to the annual afpop Tax Seminars, in association with EuroFinesco, they will now take place March 2020. The dates for the seminars are:
Lagos, Boavista Golf Club –3rd March (registration at 10h30, presentation 11h)
Olhão, Real Marina Hotel and Spa – 6th march (registration at 10h30, presentation 11h)
Vilamoura, Tivoli Hotel – 11th March (registration at 10h30, presentation 11h)
Cascais, Hotel Baía - 20th March (registration for this seminar will be at 12h, presentation 12h30)
any Member who wishes to attend this seminar can contact the afpop office to register.

Seminars will cost 15 Euros for Members (5 Euros for a second Member per booking) and 30 Euros for non-Members. All information will be shown on the application form, which is available online at and also from the afpop and EuroFinesco offices.  
The afpop IRS Seminars provide the information which residents in Portugal and people moving to Portugal need; about their individual obligations for presenting their Tax Declarations to the Finanças; what personal allowances are available; ways to submit annual Declarations and about the penalties for either false declaration or late submissions. The presenters from EuroFinesco are there to give impartial advice about all matters to do with individual taxation. They will answer questions about items which are considered of general interest in the open forum and are also on hand to give more specific advice on individual cases after the group session has been completed.

For afpop Members who have any doubts about their legal obligations, or doubt their ability to complete their Tax Return without guidance, the afpop Tax Seminars are essential. For those people who cannot attend, but would like the information, the packs will once again be available after the event, for €15.

In order for us to be able to assess the requirements for each venue we would ask Members who would like to attend the seminars to contact the afpop office on to register for the venue they wish to attend as soon as they can.

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