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News from afpop - Monday July 26th 2021 - Travel update

Michael Reeve - 26-07-2021

News from afpop - Monday July 26th 2021 - Travel update

Included in this briefing: 1. Travel order dates 2. Groundforce strike called off 3. Travel to Portugal 4. Travellers who must isolate 5. UK travellers with vaccinations 6. Reciprocity agreements 7. Reopen Europe website 8. Covid cases across the world 9. Registering to vote 10. afpop Office appointments --As nossas desculpas por este artigo não ter tradução --

As I advised you on Friday, we were expecting news this morning regarding travel to and from Portugal. The order has now been issued and came into force at 0h00 this morning July 26 and lasts until 23h59 on August 8, 2021. As usual the order may be revised at any time, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.
The Aviation and Airport Workers Union strike by Groundforce workers that was announced on Friday has been called off. The strike was planned for July 30, 31 and August 1, but was cancelled after TAP's confirmation of payment to workers.
Travel to Portugal
Flights to Portugal mainland
Entry into national territory is only authorised for:
  1. Passengers on flights from countries that make up the European Union, countries associated with the Schengen Area (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), United Kingdom and countries on the reciprocity list.
  2. Passengers on flights from countries whose epidemiological situation is in accordance with Recommendation (EU) 2020/1551, of the Council, of 22 October 2020.
  3. Passengers on flights from countries that are not part of the European Union or countries that are not associated with the Schengen Area (other than the United Kingdom, and countries on the reciprocity list), exclusively for essential travel
  4. Passengers on repatriation or humanitarian flights organized under the law.
Passengers entering or transiting Portugal must present proof of having undergone a test to screen for SARS-CoV-2 infection, with a negative result.
  • RT-PCR Test (or similar NAAT test) - 72h before boarding, or
    Rapid Antigen Test - 48h before boarding, or EU Digital COVID Certificate 
  • Children under 12 do not need to present test.
  • All passengers need to fill a Passenger Locator Card (individually) before departure to Portugal or on board at
Exceptions: Children under 12 years old do not need to undergo a test.
EU COVID digital certificate
As of July 1, 2021, travel, for any reason, to Portugal by travellers with an EU COVID Digital Certificate is allowed.
Travelers who must isolate:
The list of countries from where passengers on flights and citizens traveling by land, sea or river must isolate for 14 days after entering continental Portugal, either at home or in a place indicated by health authorities, is:
Brazil, India, Nepal, South Africa and United Kingdom (unvaccinated). People that need to isolate, must register before entering the country at
Exception to quarantine: UK travellers with vaccination certificates:
Those passengers entering Portugal from the United Kingdom and who have proof of vaccination carried out in that country which certifies the complete vaccination schedule has been completed for at least 14 days, with a vaccine against COVID-19 recognised within the EU.
(“Complete vaccination” means; from a single-dose vaccine for vaccines with a one-dose vaccine schedule; after the second dose of a vaccine against COVID-19 with a two-dose vaccine schedule, even if doses of two different vaccines have been administered; or a single dose of a vaccine against COVID-19 with a two-dose vaccination schedule for people who have recovered from the disease, if it is indicated on the vaccination certificate that the vaccination schedule was completed after administration of one dose.)
Children under 18 are exempt from quarantine if they are travelling with a fully vaccinated adult.
Travel reliant upon reciprocity:
The next group is those countries where travel to and from Portugal in reliant on reciprocity agreement. These countries are:
Albania, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Canada, South Korea, United States of America, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro,  New Zealand, Qatar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, People's Republic of China, Serbia, Singapore, Ukraine.
Special Administrative Regions
1 - Hong Kong
2 - Macau
Territorial entities and authorities not recognized as countries by at least one Member State
1 - Taiwan
The islands
The links below will take you to the pages with COVID restrictions for the islands:

COVID cases across the world: 
In this link you can see the current infection situation in Portugal. The website is in Portuguese and you can select the latest report each time it is updated by the government. In this link you can find the current status of the vaccination programme in Portugal.
Covid Cases in Europe
Covid Cases Worldwide:
Voting registration (Portugal local elections):
A reminder that to vote in the local government elections in September you must be registered at your Junta de Freguesia 60 days before the elections. As the elections this year are to be held on 26th September, this means that you must be registered before this Wednesday 28th July. Those people who are already registered and whose details have not changed need to do nothing, including those UK citizens who were registered as UE voters, who should now automatically be swapped to ER (Estrangeiros Residentes/Foreign Residents) voters. However if you wish to verify that this has been done, you should go to your local Junta de Freguesia office and ask them to check. If in doubt Members can contact the afpop office for further assistance.
afpop Office visits:
Members may still make an appointment to visit the afpop office by calling or e-mailing on 282 458 509 or Remember to wear a mask and at arrival we will measure your temperature and ask you to sanitise your hands.
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If you are not an afpop Member and would like to join the Association, please click HERE to go to our website or contact the afpop office on for more information.
Until next time as always my best wishes to you all and please continue to stay safe.

Michael R Reeve
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