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Information Bulletins
Information Bulletins
The Information Bulletin system is a comprehensive source of information on a wide raging list of subjects, from car importation and setting up a bank account, to Wills, IRS payment dates and includes sections on motoring, health, property rental and purchasing, inheritance planning and many more. The full list of Bulletins can be seen below. The Information Bulletins are regularly updated and are available free of charge to afpop Members, either on request or by downloading them from the Members' area.

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afpop Community Centre

afpop Admin - 26-10-2018

We are pleased to inform Members that the Community Centre section of the afpop website has now been updated and is now available to view and to use. Members can access it by going to the afpop website and clicking on the Community Centre button on the right hand side of the page.

-- As Nossas desculpas por este artigo não ter tradução --

The main reason for updating the Community Centre, was to make it easier for other organisations, for example the Câmaras or charity organisations, to upload their information to the website via their won log in and password. This means that anyone who has an ID can upload information to the afpop website which, once authorised by the office staff, is published automatically to the web. The information can be changed as often as the owner of it wishes  and will remain until the date that is chosen for it to expire, if at all.

If any Member would like to know more about this or would like to request an ID and log-in, they should contact the IT Supervisor on for an application form.

If any Member has suggestions or experiences difficulties with the site, please use the links on the page to send your comments to the afpop office.

You can visit the afpop Community Centre by clicking here


Click on image to open the Lagos Area May/June and Wine 2019 Newsletter ...

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