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Dear Members and Friends,

We hope this message finds you well?  We just want to say: as soon as we are able, but probably not before September, we will let you know of any events planned going forward. We have an Indian Restaurant in mind for the September gathering and it is located within easy reach of Silves/Carvoeiro and Portimão/Monchique areas so nearer the time we will let you all know the details and of course the maximum numbers if we can go ahead. 

All being well, a coffee morning will be arranged for Early September. Again, if we are able to do this.

Please can you let us know of any events that you would like us to arrange and any restaurant recommendations? 

Thank you. 

As they say in all the best movies ... We’ll be back! 

Kind regards

Heather and Les,

afpop Area Event Organisers Silves/Carvoeiro


Mob: 966 677 295

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