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News from afpop - Friday 25th of March 2022 - Update

Michael Reeve - 25-03-2022

News from afpop - Friday 25th of March 2022 - Update

Included in this briefing: 1. Situation of Alert 2. Travel 3. Azores 4. Daylight saving time 5. Help for arriving Ukrainian Refugees 6. afpop Office visits --Excuses, geen Nederlandse vertaling beschikbaar --

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to a Briefing in which I was expecting to announce further reductions in restrictions, but instead the Alert situation has been extended until mid April. There is no change to any of the measures in place however.
After the General Election at the end of January a new government has now been installed and interestingly a reduced government in terms of numbers of Ministers and Secretaries of State with some ministries being combined, which apparently represents a streamlining of government of around 20%. 
We have some information about further assistance for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Portugal, with a link to the main article on the afpop website.
Finally a reminder that our Annual General Meeting takes place tomorrow at the Hotel Jardim do Vau in Portimão. The scheduled start is 10h00 and the AGM booklet can be downloaded HERE (
Don’t forget we lose an hour’s sleep on Sunday.
Situation of Alert
The Situation of Alert throughout mainland Portugal has been extended again and will now remain in force until 23h59 on the 18th of April 2022 with no alterations.
The measures that are in force are HERE
You can find more information HERE
You may have heard about the seismic activity in the Azores earlier this week and the Portuguese government has advised against any travel to the islands, due to the possibility of volcanic eruption. The Civil Protection of the Azores activated the Regional Emergency Plan due to the high seismic activity and more information can be found here:

Daylight saving time
On 27th of March 2022 the Daylight Saving Time starts and the clocks will go forward 1 hour on Sunday morning at 01h00 (Portugal and Madeira) and at midnight for the Azores.

IVAucher for fuel (AUTOvoucher)
The government has extended the €20 refund on fuel purchased for the month of April. Remember when buying the fuel you must ask for your Fiscal Number (NIF) to be included on the factura. You can use the following link to subscribe to the IVAucher programm:
Help for arriving Ukrainian Refugees
There are now a number of organisations, both international and in Portugal, that are trying to help the people in Ukraine during the conflict there.
There are also organisations assisting those trying to move out of Ukraine, mostly women and children, some of whom are being reunited with family in other countries and some who are simply leaving and hoping to find shelter away from the war. One of the first problems that they encounter when they arrive in Portugal is the lack of clothing, bedding and food.
The organisation Cáritas Portuguesa is trying to help those families and children and more information can be found on the afpop website:
Office visits
The afpop office is open to visitors, however to avoid congestion in the reception area, I ask that if possible Members book an appointment prior to their visit by email or telephone 282 458 509. We look forward to welcoming you.

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