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Loulé luncheon - Thursday 25th November at 13h00
Hello Everyone,
The first thing is that the restaurant we were going to is closed for remodelling until 30th November, therefore I have had to change the venue, it will be the same as October, Oliveira's Restaurant located in R. Afonso de Albuquerque 148, 8100-234 Loulé.
If anyone has a restaurant they would like to visit as a group please let me know. There are a few things to take into consideration:
- It must be big enough to hold at least 40 people
- It must not restrict the normal lunch time trade
- It must be willing to charge us € 18 or less
- It must be for a 3 course meal and include wine and coffee.
As you can see there are not many who can or will go along with those items.
Lunch menu @ Oliveira's on Thursday 25th of November
Lunch will be served at 13.00 and if you wish to sit with friends, it is worth coming early to save the seats together.
Spare Ribs
Sea Bass
Selection of the house
Water and wine will be served during the meal. All drinks before and after the meal must be paid for when ordered. Price €18 p.p.
All bookings must be with me by midday on the Sunday prior to the meal
It would great to see as many of you there as possible.
Best wishes,
Bert Shubrook, afpop Area Event Organisers Loulé/Faro


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