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News from afpop - Friday 22nd of April 2022 - Update

Michael Reeve - 03-08-2022

News from afpop - Friday 22nd of April 2022 - Update

Included in this briefing: 1. Situation of Alert 2. Travel 3. Public Transport Lisbon 4. Land clearing 5. Satellite office dates

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to a weekly Briefing that actually has some COVID related news, another extension to the Alert status and also some relaxation to the restrictions in force. As usual all details are below, but I did want to mention something about COVID Boosters, specifically the 2nd Booster which I’ve mentioned before.
It’s now been announced that the Portuguese health authorities are preparing to administer a new booster dose of the vaccine against COVID in preparation for the autumn and winter periods. The Minister, Marta Temido, didn’t specify which age groups this booster would be offered to, but it seems likely now that there will in fact be a 2nd Booster at some point during the summer. As usual we’ll keep you informed as soon as we have more specific information.
Please remember that next Monday, the 25th of April, is Dia da Liberdade and the office will be closed.
Situation of Alert
The Situation of Alert throughout mainland Portugal has been prolonged until 23h59 on the 5th of May 2022 and the following changes have been introduced to the rules that currently apply.
The changes that were introduced, starting today (Friday 22nd April) are:

The mandatory use of a mask is now limited to nursing homes, healthcare establishments and public transport, including taxis and airplanes.
DGS updated the rules on the 20th of May for the use of masks in health establishments and clinics, where it now includes dentists and thermal establishments.
Users of those establishments, over 10 years old, must wear masks in all spaces and can only remove them during treatments, according to the norm of the DGS. 
The Minister stressed that the use of masks is still recommended in some situations, for example in crowded places, spaces with poor ventilation or if there is someone infected with COVID at home.
Proof of negative test, certificate of recovery or certificate of booster vaccination is no longer required for access to nursing homes and health care establishments, however the health ministry (DGS) may change this instruction at short notice and it’s advisable to check before visiting anyone in these establishments.

For Madeira the use of a mask is mandatory, for persons from the age of 6, for the access or stay in the locations indicated below of the 1st August 2022 in: 
• Health facilities and services, including pharmacies;
• In confirmed cases of COVID-19, in all circumstances, whenever the person is out of the location of isolation, until the 10th day after the onset of symptoms or a positive test result.

The travel law remains the same, except for the revoked Passenger locator form (see above)
You can find the current version HERE:
The need to complete a Passenger Locator Form is revoked and is no longer a requirement for passengers on flights or cruise ships entering mainland Portugal
Public Transport Lisbon
Lisbon City Council unanimously approved yesterday free public transport by Metro, Bus and Train inside Lisbon for young and elderly residents. Free transport for young people between 13-18 years old, higher education students up to 23 years old, or up to 24 years old for those enrolled in medicine or architecture courses, and for those over 65 years old. To be eligible you will need to be tax resident in the municipality and it is expected that it will be implemented for the elderly in the summer and for the students in September.
Land clearing
The government has launched a new website called ‘Portugal Chama’, which is in Portuguese and English and which gives useful information on all aspects of fire safety. The website is You will also find updated information about land clearing in rural areas, including a warning that if you haven’t done so by the 30th of April, you might have to pay fines that can reach up to 5,000 euros for private persons and up to 25,000 euros for businesses. From this date, the Municipal Councils are allowed to do the clearing for the owners and owners are required to allow access to their land and pay the City Councils expenses. Please read our previous briefing here:
Satellite offices
The April Satellite Office in Almancil will be on Tuesday 26th of April in the MEDAL office. The Satellite will be open between 10h00 and 12h30 for Members who would like to speak with a staff member in person. There is a coffee shop across the road from the MEDAL office if the reception area is full when you arrive.
The April Lagos Satellite will be on Thursday 28th of April between 10h00 and 12h30 at the premises of MediLagos on R. José Ferreira Canelas, which is behind the Câmara building.
As the offices have limited waiting space, please reserve a time in advance and we ask that you arrive promptly to avoid congestion.
Please contact the afpop office to reserve an appointment.

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