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Medal, Lda.

Medal is a service company offering insurance management and brokerage. With the goal of providing a professional, quality service for businesses and individual clients in the Algarve.
Our Managing Director, Henrique Pinheiro, has had a special relationship with afpop since 1992, we are proud of this fact and it has allowed us to maintain and develop a close relationship with the Management and the staff of afpop since Medal was started in 1996.. In fact, we were one of the first companies to realize the importance of afpop as an Association and that as a group its members could, and should, benefit of more advantageous conditions on the several services available in the Portuguese market. For this fact and from January 1996, we have made available to afpop members, insurance products, such as Household, Car and Health, with unique and exclusive conditions, which would be very difficult to get in the insurance market alone and as ordinary consumers. We have been keeping up with the evolution and growth of afpop, and for this we have a department with four people working almost exclusively for afpop members.

We now have a second office in Almancil: Avª. José dos Santos Farias, Lt 83 R/C Dtº. 8135-167 Almancil Portugal Tel: 351 289 351 000 Fax: 351 289 351 009

Rua Dr Teófilo Braga, 3 A - 1º A/B 8501-919 PORTIMÄO Portugal

351 282 430 800

351 282 430 809

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