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Hello Members, 

So sad to see that some thoughtless idiots have undone all the good work and hardship that we have endured for months by holding an illegal gathering.  At the time of writing both Luz and Lagos are affected, with supermarkets and restaurants having to close.  I am so mad with the thoughtless, selfish idiots who created this spike.  Grrr.

Now, let's look at the good news, although obviously it is still impossible to arrange any afpop social events at present.  That is in abeyance until we are sure it is safe to meet up, not just because we want to be with people. But I can happily report that we have been able to supply the Lagos Bombeiros with both the fire-retardant masks for the Forest Fire team and also the Contamination Lockers that they needed to house the Covid items so as to avoid the spread.  These are now on their way to the station.

Although the Fiuza wine is travelling towards us even as I type, Prime Wine has  also offered afpop members a special deal. The best thing is that they deliver direct to your home and they have a range of international wines, not just Portuguese.  You can order mixed cases as well so it is a bit different.  There is a delivery charge and a 10c charity donation per bottle,  which will go to the Eastern Algarve Charity Fund but the prices are still with a 12.5% discount.  This offer stands until the end of June.

Please see attached the ZIP file with order form.  I am not involved in this initiative so


                                       DIRECT TO PRIME WINES, NOT TO ME. 

Well, that is it for now.  I know that most of us will be sensible but please, do follow official guidelines to keep us all safe – masks and distancing are a nuisance but essential.  If only they had ,stuck to 20 people on 7th June, eh?

Pat Allen,

afpop Area Event organiser Lagos Prime Wine Order Form

E-mail: or Tel: 282-697-548 or 938-358-699

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