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News from afpop - Friday 9th of June 2023

Michael Reeve - 12-06-2023

News from afpop - Friday 9th of June 2023

Included in this Member Briefing: 1. Dia de Portugal 2. Zero pollution beaches 3. Plastic bags 4. New borns registration 5. Fuel Support 6. Doctors Strike 7. CP (rail) strikes 8. Civil Protection website 9. Free GIRA Bicicle pass Lisbon 10. Summer events 11. Satellite Offices

Hello my friends on a rainy Friday in June and apologies to any of you who tried to contact the office yesterday (Thursday), as we were closed for the public holiday Corpo de Deus. The next public holiday actually falls on the weekend and you’ll read a little more about that below. Sadly you will also read about more disruptions for those who use rail travel and also details of a two day strike by doctors in July.
A reminder that on Thursday 15th of June we will be joining the Open Media roadshow once again at the Cascade resort near Lagos, with the next edition of their Living in the Algarve seminars, more details of which can be found on the website These events are free to attend, but they do ask that you register in advance on the website. Perhaps the team and I will see you there.
Unfortunately it seems that the rain might dappen the Vilamoura Boat Show, which begins at the marina this weekend, but as it runs all week I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunity for the boaters amongst you to enjoy the show.
This week also sees the return of our Discover Portugal courses with the University of the Algarve, beginning on the 15th at the Roman ruins in Milreu. I hope that the rain is done by then.
Finally from me, as you will read in the upcoming edition of UPDATE magazine, the Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish is apparently making a return to the beaches of Portugal and the Azores. If you see them on the beaches, DON’T TOUCH them. They have a nasty sting even if they’re dead. Stay safe on those beaches.
Here’s more about Dia de Portugal and the rest of the news.
Dia de Portugal
One of the most important public holidays in Portugal is Dia de Portugal, or Portugal Day, or to give it its full title, Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas (Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities), which is celebrated annually on 10th of June. Not only is it the Day of Portugal, but it is celebrated by Portuguese people throughout the world. Luís Vaz de Camões is perhaps the most famous Portuguese poet, who wrote the epic poem about the Portuguese people and the voyage of Vasco de Gama, entitled Os Lusíadas in the late 16th century.
The President of the Republic has designated Peso da Régua as the town where he will attend the Dia de Portugal celebrations.
Zero Pollution beaches
The association ZERO (Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável) has announced the 54 Zero Pollution Beaches in Portugal – you can see the complete list on their website, if you scroll down:
Based on data requested from the Portuguese Environment Agency, ZERO identified the beaches that, over the last three bathing seasons (2020, 2021 and 2022), not only had an “Excellent” classification, but also presented values ??of zero or less than the accepted limit of detection of the two microbiological parameters (Escherichia coli and Enterococci intestinal).
Plastic bags
Members may already know that the government planned to ban the use of ultralight plastic bags, which shoppers use when they buy bread, fruit or vegetables and that ban was due to come into force on the 1st of June. The ban has not been implemented as the government is still taking advice from the industry on viable alternatives and when there is more information we will of course update Members.
New borns registration
We have updated our Information Bulletin on Births (N05) to reflect the new law which allows for babies born in Portugal to have free access to the ‘Cartão Cidadão’  up to the end of the first year after birth.  
Registration of new borns are first done at the Nascer Cidadão desks that are present in all public hospitals and maternity wards. The Nascer Cidadão desk allows you to register a child and request their first  Citizen Card  at the health unit. For more information please download the Bulletin or request it from the afpop office.
A first test phase is being done at the maternity ward of Centro Hospitalar de Setúbal to have a single interaction with the Public Administration, without the need for parents to go to a counter.
Fuel Support
The Government ISP discount for fuel remains unchanged for the month of June. The ISP discount that was in force in the previous month relates to a discount of 13.1 cents per liter on diesel and 15.3 cents per liter on gasoline. 
Doctors Strike
The National Federation of Medical Doctors (FNAM) has announced a strike for the 5th and 6th of July in the public sector, claiming that the Government still has not presented a proposal for salary increases less than a month before the end of negotiations.
CP (rail) strikes
The rail workers have announced another strike called by the SFRCI union, for the period between the 5th of June and the 5th of July 2023 , disturbances in rail traffic are expected, in all services, with possible impact on the days before and after the strike period, on the 4th of June and the 6th of July:
Civil Protection website
The Civil Protection (Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil) website has a new look. To find the ongoing fires or other occurrences, you can click on the following LINK.
Correction of the last News from afpop ONLY in the English version:
The translation should have been:
The Green Em Conclusão: In Conclusion - Occurrence extinct, under observation
The Red Em Curso: In Progress - Occurrence in evolution without area limitation
The Orange Em Despacho: In Dispatch - Means in transit to the area of operations
The Blue Em Resolução: In Resolution - Occurrence without danger of propagation
Free GIRA Bicycle pass Lisbon
From 26th of May, a free GIRA bicicle pass is now available to all young people over 16 and under 23 years old residing in Lisbon and also to citizens over 65 years of age. From the 5th of June the measure is extended to all Lisbon residents who have a Navegante pass.
To use GIRA bicycles for free, anyone under 23 and over 65 simply needs to show on the mobile application that they have the free Navegante pass.
For the others, it is necessary to prove that they are residents of Lisbon and should go to an EMEL store (Company for Mobility and Parking in Lisbon that manages GIRA) with proof of residence (utility bills etc).
Summer events
With the summer at our doorstep, a reminder of the updated website of the Algarve Tourism Board with events being organised this summer:
Events in other regions can be found here:
Satellite Offices
afpop staff will be on hand in the Satellite Offices again in June 2023. If you need advice or assistance, wish to introduce a new Member to the Association, need to renew your subscription or just have a general query, please pass by and see us. Please contact the afpop office to make an appointment on 282 458 509 or    
The next dates of the Satellites are: 
  • Almancil – Tuesday 27th of June between 10h00 and 12h30 (offices of MEDAL Seguros)
  • Lagos - Thursday 29th of June between 10h00 and 12h30 (premises of MediLagos on R. José Ferreira Canelas, which is behind the Câmara building).

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