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New cat registration legislation

UPDATE Article Ed.4. 2019 - 10-07-2019

New cat registration legislation

Members may have read in the press that there is a project of the Ministry of Agriculture that requires all cats are to be fitted with an identification microchip by 2021 (Dec. Lei nº 82/2019), as has been the case with dogs since 2008. According to the rules, owners of animals born after law enforcement have three months to register cats and ferrets and those which have been born to date can be registered within two years of the implementation date, which is 26th June 2019

According to the draft decree-law, cat owners who do not microchip their animals within the established deadlines will be subject to fines ranging from €50 to €3,740 for individuals and €44,890 in the case of companies/associations. (The law goes so far as to say that simply being a person who feeds a cat, even regularly, does not make you the owner of it. The owner is someone who has “intent to act as beneficiaries of the right”)

The measure should cover not only domestic cats, but also those in pet shops awaiting sale or rescue centres awaiting donation. associations and stores. The identification microchip includes an individual 15-digit code which, if the animal is lost or abandoned, enables the authorities to identify its name as well as the owners as well as other details, such as their address and contact details.

The device consists of an electronic capsule - a term used by law - which is introduced under the skin of the neck of the animal via an injection which is administered by a veterinarian.

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