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Ground clearance dates extended

UPDATE Article - 08-04-2021

Ground clearance dates extended

It's that time of year when the Bombeiros and councils are warning us to clear the flammable debris from around our homes. Members will no doubt have seen information that is already being circulated about the need to clean trees and shrubs around their property before the deadline of March 15th. If land is not properly cleared before that deadline fines may be issued. We've been informed by the Bombeiros that due to the renewal of the State of Emergency to combat the pandemic of covid-19, the Government has decided to extend the deadline for owners to ensure the cleanliness of forest land until 15th of May 2021!

Remember too that the property owner is also responsible for the disposal of the material, advice about which can be obtained from your local Bombeiros station. It is also advisable to inform them of any bonfires that you might have to dispose of garden rubbish and call them again when the burning is complete.
If the land is owned by someone else, or if the owner of adjacent land is not known, the land also needs to be cleared if is within 50 metres of your property. If such land is not cleared by the end of May you should contact either the GNR or the Câmara for them to take action.
If you have any doubt at all or want to discuss your own situation, you should contact the local Proteção Civil via the Câmara or local Bombeiros station.

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