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State of Public Calamity measures 1st May 2020

- 01-05-2020

State of Public Calamity measures 1st May 2020

Included in this briefing: 1. State of Public Calamity phases 2. Opening calendar 3. Masks and other information

As we advised you in Wednesday’s mailing, the state of Public Calamity will come into effect on the 3rd of May and will be revaluated after 15 days. The Portuguese government intends to start a phased reopening with the intention of not losing control over the numbers of infected people. The idea is to restart the economy in a conscious and balanced way and at each stage they will decide whether the measures implemented will continue, whether they should be adapted or whether it is necessary to go back. It is therefore important to remember that there may be changes regarding the schedule described below and there may be some conditions announced for Phase 2 & 3, which we will of course keep Members updated about as information is released by the government.

There may be some futher clarifications regarding Phase 1 after the weekend, but at the moment these are the 3 phases that have been announced by the government.

1st PHASE - MAY 4th

Spaces up to 200 m2;

Small shops;

Hairdressers, barbers, car stands, registration offices (Conservatória), Finanças and non-concentrated public services (by appointment only, so make sure to call first);

Bookstores, libraries and archives;

Buses with a driver's cabin in order to isolate them;

Individual sporting activities such as tennis, surf and golf; (without using changing rooms).

2nd PHASE - MAY 18th

Spaces up to 400 m2;

Restaurants, museums, cafes, terraces and similar;


Kindergartens (in this first phase, parents can still choose to continue to stay at home with the family support subsidy);

Schools (classes/exams for only 11th and 12th grades);

Municipalities can decide to open other establishments. For example, if a space has more than 400 m2 but does not concentrate a lot of people, the municipality may decide to open it.

3rd PHASE – JUNE 1st

Spaces with more than 400 m2;

Kindergartens, pre-schools and ATL;


Citizens Offices (Loja do Cidadão);

Shopping centres;

Cinemas and theatres with restricted capacity;

Resumption of sporting competitions in open spaces but without an audience;

Team sports.

Other information:

Masks: Protective masks will be mandatory in public offices, public transports, shops and schools. Pay attention to how to use masks, bearing in mind that there are masks for single use and others that can be reused. Make sure to confirm the characteristics and the indications of the type of mask you are using.

There is no provision yet for access to the beaches;

It is still our civic duty to remain at home as much as we can;

Events or gatherings with more than 10 people are prohibited;

There can be a maximum of 5 people in closed spaces under 100 m2;

Funerals can now have family attending.

PLEASE don’t relax your guard now. Wash your hands regularly and cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, preferably with either a tissue or your forearm but not your hands. Clean surfaces often and keep the social distancing measures.

On behalf of the whole team here I thank you again for all the kind and supportive comments that we have received and send you our warmest regards.

Until next time my best wishes to you all and please,


Michael R Reeve


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