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Office Staff

Office Staff

Michael: (Chief Executive Officer) Providing the link between the Management Council and the office staff, Michael is in charge of all operational matters and the day to day running of the Association. Working from the afpop office Michael is responsible for all aspects of the Associations affairs, working with his team to provide services and assistance to Members and keeping the MC informed of the progress and any problems that may arise.

Speaks: English & Portuguese

Maria: (Finance Manager) As part of the Member Admin team, Maria takes care of the day to day accounts, Membership payments and general billing and is assists the Treasurer in producing the monthly finance report. She also assists Members with Direct Debit and other fiscal enquiries. (Pt/En)

Speaks: English & Portuguese
Harry: (I.T. Supervisor) Also involved in Membership Admin, Harry is responsible for the Association’s Membership Database, websites and office I.T. supervision. Working with the CEO as Data Protection Controller, Harry oversees the collection and use of Members’ data. (En/Pt)
Speaks: English, Portuguese, German, Danish
Karina: (Member Services Coordinator) coordinates the Membership services team in the reception and also the Satellite office programme, responding to Members’ questions and assisting them with problems in five different languages. (Dk/EN/Pt/De/Se)
Speaks: English, Portuguese, German, Dutch
Ellen: (Projects Coordinator) A member of the Membership Services team, Ellen provides assistance to Dutch and German Members, whilst also assisting with the Associations main projects of BLiP Expo and the Advantage Directory. Ellen also assists the Area Event Organisers. (Nl/En/Pt/DE)
Speaks: English, Portuguese & French
Marisa: (Information Research Coordinator) The third member of Member Services, Marisa is responsible for researching and updating the Information Bulletins as well as researching and writing articles for the UPDATE magazine. Marisa also coordinates afpop seminars and provides assistance to French speakers. (Pt/En/Fr)
Speaks: English
David: (Marketing Coordinator) David is afpop’s link with the business community and is responsible for attracting sponsorship for the Association’s UPDATE magazine, Directory and website. He is also part of the BLiP Expo team, liaising with exhibitors and partner organisations.  
Speaks: English & Portuguese
Cátia: (New Member Coordinator) Cátia speaks Portuguese, English, French and some Spanish. Cátia will assist Karina with the initial responses to Members’ enquiries and will provide admin support for the AEOs. She is also taking on the role of New Member liaison, whilst working with Marisa in liaising with the Portuguese authorities and maintaining the Bulletin system


Alliance Partners
  • Medal Insurance
  • Algarve Resident
  • Blevins & Franks
  • Turismo de Portugal - Algarve
Associate Partners
  • Toldolanda
  • Golf for Greys
  • NCA Portugal
  • Mestre Raposa