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Be vigilant when using credit cards

UPDATE Article Ed. 4 2019 - 06-05-2020

Be vigilant when using credit cards

It seems that this edition of UPDATE is focussed on credit and debit card issues, but we have heard of a possible scam that Members should be aware of when using their debit/credit cards in stores. The good news is it is very easy to avoid with a very simple action by you.

The scam involves a retailer covering the screen with their thumb as they hold the machine for you to insert your code. They don’t insert the amount and then when you insert your pin it shows on the screen, which they can then note and use later. They will then tell you there was an error and reset it all and ask you to do it again, when they will have inserted the amount correctly and the transaction will proceed as normal. ALWAYS ensure sure that your pin code appears as asterisks in the screen and not the actual pin code.

The way to avoid this is to take the machine from them and before you input your pin, ensure that the amount you are paying is correctly displayed on the screen. NEVER allow anyone else to hold the machine when you’re making a payment and never allow the screen to be obscured.

This is just another reminder to be vigilant when using any kind of payment card, particularly if it is ever taken out of your possession for even the shortest amount of time.

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